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“Biophilia is a term coined by Harvard University professor E.O. Wilson that says humans are hard-wired with a need to connect to nature in some way. Human beings need and want to be close to nature, to see nature, to be able to feel as though they are surrounded by nature. That calming connection helps them feel better about themselves, the world, their current situation.” (The Economics of Biophilia: Healthcare)


"Visual exposure to flowers, green plants, and wooden materials had positive effects on cerebral and autonomic nervous activities compared with the control. Accumulation of scientific evidence of the physiological relaxation associated with viewing elements of nature would be useful for preventive medicine, specifically nature therapy."

(Physiological Benefits of Viewing Nature: A Systematic Review of Indoor Experiments)

Learn more about our supporting research, here.

  • Decreased patient stay by roughly half (1/2) a day due to faster recovery.

  • Reduced cardiovascular stress in about 20 seconds.

  • Influenced patients pain perception as they opted for weaker painkillers than the control groups.

  • Made patients report less anxiety than control groups.

Psychological studies prove that nature

designs in a healthcare setting has:


4U Medical Designs provides a therapeutic design option to patients. Our designs serve as conversation starters, and build a relationship between the nursing staff, and their patients. While your patients views their design, they can also have a choice to gain resources.

Patient Resources via QR CODE

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Provide your patients, and their guests real time


You can connect any form of information or resources, that you see fit, to your patients through the QR Code! Do you want to take your patients to educational information in real time? Or maybe you want to provide more information about the Hospitals food options? We can do that for you! Some of the resources we provide to patients during their care include but are not limited to:








  • DAISY Award Nominations - We collaborate with the DAISY Foundation to recognize our Nurses through increased nominations!

  • HIPAA Compliant or Anonymous Surveys

  • Patient Education Materials & Videos

  • Infection Control Education

  • Patient Guide

  • Patient Portal

  • Hospital Food Options

  • Support Resources

  • Calming Videos

  • Entertainment (Games & Videos)

4U Medical Designs allows you to provide multiple link options through the QR Code! Patients can choose from all of the resources you select to provide them in our communication hub.


This is what makes our hub so special. It is a patients choice to interact, yet they don't feel the pressure to.


To learn more about how we can offer so many solutions to your patient through one QR Code, schedule a discovery call, here.

Quantify Results!

4U Medical will provide you an analytical report on the patient interaction metrics that each resource gets! Together, lets see how many patients we can provide information to, how many surveys we gain, and how many nurses we recognize. 

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